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Standards that must be observed by the operator of the thread rolling machine

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Twisting machine equipment is generally used to produce or process screws. The rubbing machine is flexible, convenient and efficient, which can not be compared with other equipment. Although the twisting machine has these excellent properties, but sometimes still need to manual operation. The purpose is to improve the working efficiency of the spinning machine. In order to better protect the normal operation of the thread rubbing machine and protect the safety of the staff of the thread rubbing machine, the operator should comply with the guidelines.

For the safety of workers, before work should wear good labor protection. Before opening the switch, we must pay attention to check whether all parts of the equipment are in good condition, whether the two screw pull is balanced, if there is a problem, please professional maintenance personnel for maintenance, do not disassemble the protective cover without permission. Check whether the rubbing board is suitable, and the equipment should work normally after running for a few minutes after starting up. When opening the machine tool, do not adjust the screw plate, if you want to wipe the machine tool, the machine tool needs to cut off the power supply. In the same way, when the screw board is running, it is not allowed to touch the workpiece or screw board with hands or tools. It can be adjusted after the power is turned off. There is a shutdown or temporary power outage shutdown, rolling wire machine plate between the blank supply to be finished and then closed, can not leave other sundries.

Maintaining the stability of the spinning machine is one of the important prerequisites to ensure productivity

Thread rolling machine is an important processing equipment of hardware. In recent years, with the processing of hardware requirements for rapid growth. The use standards and maintenance requirements of the equipment such as the twisting machine have become more strict. In the whole production process of a batch of products, the stability of the equipment is one of the important prerequisites. In the process of operation, how to keep the stability of the spinning machine needs to be prepared in advance. For example, the connection of power supply, the stability of the line and so on.

Maintenance of the rubbing machine is nothing more than surface maintenance and internal parts maintenance. On the surface, the surface of the silk rubbing machine is a shell, which represents the overall image and protects the outer shell of the silk rubbing machine. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the damage, scratching and keeping clean on the surface, as well as edge crumbs, water stains and dirty things. Don't use sharp objects to scratch the surface of the metal shell. The parts on the surface of the rubbing machine should be regularly coated with lubricating oil to avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances. Avoid corrosion and other phenomena, resulting in metal rust. Thread rubbing machine is an important hardware accessories processing equipment. The equipment is expensive and requires good maintenance

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