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Fault analysis of wire drawing machine

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In the drawing process of the wire drawing machine, because the data and the direction of the die hole do not match, this situation will lead to the stress effect of the data and the drawing die is suddenly big or small, and the impact of the drawing machine oscillation will also form a high stress peak on the wire and the drawing die, so that the die wear is more severe.

The third condition that will lead to rapid die wear is that in the process of drawing machine operation, due to annealing problems, uneven production quality of data and other factors, the diamond drawing die may appear fatigue prematurely and form ring grooves, thus accelerating the wear of die holes.

The fourth condition may be caused by the condition of the material. If the appearance of the processed wire is not smooth, but also infected with oxide layer, sand and other impurities, it will make the mold wear too fast. When the drawing machine wire through the die hole, the above oxide layer or other adhesive impurities, will constitute the drawing die hole quickly wear and scratch the surface of the wire.

Fifth, is also a common reason, if the smooth quality is not qualified, in the drawing machine drawing process, die hole because there is no proper smooth maintenance and heat up quickly, causing mold damage.

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