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Note for equipment maintenance of metal drawing machine

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No matter what equipment can not escape the maintenance of the operation, of course, good maintenance is not only good for mechanical equipment, about the user itself is also beneficial and harmless. But maintenance pay attention to the maintenance method, if the method is not right, it is equal to damage the equipment. Drawing machine price should also pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment.

Special attention needs to be paid to the maintenance of the die of the drawing machine. Compared with ordinary equipment, the speed of high-speed drawing machine is faster, so it is easier to present the problem of wear. And in the process of long time use, the mold wall will always be different wire fierce erosion and friction, so, overnight, will appear more serious wear. Usually, a small dent will be formed in the place where the data is imported, which will bring certain negative impact on my production.

If we encounter this problem in the homework, then the need to pay attention. Otherwise, if left unchecked, there may be more serious results. Therefore, once the drawing die ring groove of high-speed drawing machine equipment is found, measures must be taken to repair it in time, so as not to increase the loss, which will eventually lead to the complete collapse of the die and scrap.

In the process of drawing machine price operation, it may be affected by different factors, such as temperature and operation speed, etc., these factors may affect the function of the drawing machine, so the need to control this aspect.

In the operation of the drawing machine, some methods are obviously wrong, which we should try to avoid. For example, the compression rate set by the east drawing machine in the drawing process is not reasonable, which will cause the die of the drawing machine to show scars or rupture, mainly caused by the release of internal stress.

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